Rain forecasted on your wedding day? It’s not as terrible as you may think. Wet weather plans are an integral part of wedding planning, and it is common to have wet weather backup plans for your wedding day. To ensure your wedding day photos shine, here are a few key tips we have to get the most out of your day.


Tip #1 – Consider Your Choice of Umbrella

If you are going to be outdoors at all on your wedding day, make sure you consider the umbrella you bring. The best umbrella to get for your wedding day is a plain white, or clear umbrella. This will help ensure your skin is glowing, and your umbrella is not providing a distraction from the events of the day. If you have picked a theme for your wedding though, it can be even more fun to incorporate that into your umbrella choice. Below image is a perfect example of this where the bride and groom chose a union jack umbrella to shade them, matching perfectly with their london cab wedding cars.


Tip #2 – Outdoor Covered Areas Can Be The Perfect Backdrop

This tip is true for both rainy days and dry days – outdoor covered areas can often be stunning for your wedding photos. It is well known that natural light is the best light for taking photos – so outdoor awnings are great for taking advantage of the natural light whilst keeping you shaded from the rain.

Bride and groom under sandstone archway


Tip #3 – Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

It’s a dreary day but you don’t need to be dreary! Try and make sure you keep the fun in your day so that the skies don’t reflect the mood of your wedding party. While a beautiful shining sun can be a great asset to your wedding day photos, your smiling faces will always shine the brightest and produce the best photos and memories.

Bridal Party having fun on a drizzly day


Tip #4 – Take Advantage Of The Clouds

If you notice that the rain stops for a moment, see if you can sneak out for 10 minutes and take advantage of the dramatic clouds in the skies. You can get some breathtaking photos with the clouds in the skies, so don’t underestimate what your rainy day will bring to your photo album!

Bride and Groom on a day with dramatic clouds


Tip #5 – Find Some Picturesque Indoor Locations

Are there any indoor locations nearby that you remember you liked the look of? These might be great for your wedding photoshoot. Talk to your photographer as they will also be able to suggest some pretty indoor locations to suit you. Sometimes the best photos can be right under your nose, for example your hotel lobby or wedding reception venue is often a beautiful place for photos

Rainy day wedding photo taken inside a hotel lobby


Tip #6 – Don’t Be Afraid To Get Wet

Getting a little wet on your wedding day might get you a stunning photo. If you’re not afraid to get wet, our tip is to wait til the end of the day to step out in the rain for a magical backlit rain photo – this is always a favourite and we’ve never met a couple that regretted stepping out for these photos!

Bride and Groom standing in the rain