It’s a question every bride asks, especially brides on a budget; do I really need a wedding photographer? You’ve paid for the most dreamy dress, the smoke machine that’ll help you walk on clouds. You’ve locked in the vintage cars and chosen between bubbles or confetti. You’ve had to make some of the most detailed decisions of your life, and now you come to this. Do I really need a professional photographer, what if I just ask my good friend to shoot for me and save the money?

No matter how great your mate’s camera is, it just won’t compare to the sheer quality of a professional wedding photographer.

Let’s talk about first impressions. Nothing beats the clean beauty that is a professional photograph. The orbs of light, the glow from a backlit halo, wet eyes in the father-daughter dance. A professional photographer has the skill set to capture all the little moments that your mate with a camera will probably want to be a part of. A set of timeless photographs you can hold in your hands will become part of the cherished memories of your wedding day.


Sherry & Seb on their wedding day - Photo by Fuzzy Pear Studio Sydney Wedding Photographers


Oh, and don’t forget the other kind of first look- that priceless moment, that split second when the couple lock eyes for the first time in the ceremony. You get a rush of elation and you choke up- have you ever seen anything so magical in your whole life? This is it. Professional wedding photographers can capture that.

But how can something so momentary be guaranteed on camera, you ask. How can a flash in the pan, a feeling, an atmosphere be freeze-framed and saved forever? Here’s the thing- Sydney wedding photographers are some of the most experienced people in their industry. They do this every weekend of every month. They’re a trained eye that spies a moment before it even happens. They can preempt these things and know just when to click the shutter.

In fact, they’re arguably the only people who stay with the couple from the very start of the day all the way to the last dance. They’re definitely the only wedding vendor who stays within the couples point of view for the majority of the day. It’s because of this that you’ll get a personal photograph, the shot that captures a lived experience. They’re there with you, every step of the way.

And that’s a good thing. Honestly, it’s great. You’ll have someone objective and outside of the wedding party who knows everything there is to know about weddings. They know the run sheet, the order of ceremony. They know how long to spend getting ready, if you’re running overtime, if you need to spend more time in the gardens for your location shoot. If you’re a nervous bride, it’s fantastic to have someone there who can reassure you, keep you on track, keep calm and level headed. Good Sydney wedding photographers will meet with you beforehand. If you have an engagement shoot or a pre-wedding shoot, they won’t be strangers. They’ll be your trusty guide.



Who else would you want by your side when it all goes haywire? I hope it never does. Though, sometimes it’s better to prepare for the worst. Imagine the weather turning bad, dark clouds over your beach side location shoot? A pro photographer can handle that. Or what if it’s a beautiful sunny day, too sunny in fact, so you have the ceremony in the shade? A pro photographer can handle the subtle changes in lighting. These are little things that you don’t really consider until you get the photos developed and suddenly that stunning stain-glass window you love for its aesthetic shrouds you in a back lit silhouette and becomes your worst enemy.

Professional wedding photographers in Sydney will meet these challenges head on. Like a master chess player thinking three moves ahead, they can figure out how to appropriately balance the lighting. You don’t want that sensual kiss washed out or overexposed. Noone wants the vows to be interrupted by an intrusive flash. A professional photographer has the expertise to know what setting to dial just in time for the perfect photo. They continue the job afterwards, with skillful editing to bring out only the good memories. Your mate might have the latest camera, but will they have have the background knowledge and experience to prepare for all these little things? A professional wedding photographer has, I can guarantee you that.


Venus and Damien in the evening rain - Photo by Fuzzy Pear Studio Sydney Wedding Photographers


Then there’s the social element. Everyone is riding high at one of the biggest events in the calendar, perhaps a little tipsy, definitely squawking like the dawn chorus. Who’s going to corral them? Who’s going to direct the troops and capture that candid crowd shot? Someone has to raise their voice and direct with authority. Let’s be honest, we all tend to listen to someone official, like a wedding photographer.

Look, let’s put aside all these technical considerations for a moment. If your mate takes the camera, you run a few other risks. What if they take the ‘open bar tab’ a little too liberally and take some key shots out of focus. Or they take a shining to your distant relative and suddenly you’re just a veil, a white blur in the bottom corner of the photos. They’ve forgotten the back up battery, they’ve maxed out their SD card, they don’t know how to curate an album so they just send you all 4000 images from the reception. They get tired, put the camera down and dance.

I mean, if they’re a real mate, you’ll want them joining in, won’t you? Not sat on the sideline separated by a lens.

Do you really need a professional wedding photographer? Yes, yes you do.




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