We love getting ready wedding photos as they really help frame the wedding day photo set. The morning is when you reflect and prepare yourself, sharing these moments with your family and your closest friends. We get to see mates being mates, bridesmaids fussing and laughing with the bride and those happy emotions when your parents see you in your wedding attire for the first time.

Fuzzy Pear Studio are Sydney Wedding Photographers who have covered many weddings over the years. Here are our tips to get the best pictures and memories as you prepare for your wedding day


Tip #1 – Choosing the Location

Pick a well-lit beautiful location. The best would be to find a spacious room, that reflects your look and personality. You may end up with a good number of people in the room – your bridal party, family, hair & make-up artists, videographer and photographer, so choose an area that has plenty of space, allowing everyone to feel relaxed. Consider where photos will be taken – we like to use as much natural light as possible, so an area in your home with big windows would be great for photos. White or lightly painted walls that can reflect light are an extra bonus!


Tip #2 – Consider the Details

You’ve probably spent a lot of time choosing the details for your wedding so now’s a good chance to get them together for photos. Keep a copy of your invitation, get your rings, flowers, jewellery and shoes together in one place. You may have given each other gifts, or given matching gifts to your bridesmaids or groomsmen. All of these things help show the story of your wedding day and the morning is the best time to photograph them – So collect all these tokens together and your photographer will be able to use them to create some stunning detail shots.


Tip #3 – Plan Your Time

On your wedding day, preparing and keeping to a timeline is very important for things to go as stress-free and smooth as possible. Speak to your photographer as you are creating your timeline – they will have great tips on how to plan time, not only for optimising photos, but also for your day. At Fuzzy Pear Studio, we recommend having hair and make-up finished at least 30 minutes prior to leaving for the ceremony to save time for capturing those special moments leading up to your wedding.


Tip #4 – Photos Aren’t Just For The Bride

Many people overlook photos for the boys! Your wedding album will not be complete without photos of the groom, best man and groomsmen. We ask that the boys have their hair done and pants on before your photographer arrives. This allows us to photograph the groom getting ready with buttoning his shirt, putting on his tie, cufflinks etc. Once all dressed, we’ll do some portraits with the groom and his boys.


Tip #5 – Relax and Have Fun

During the morning, take some time to reflect and calm the nerves. We find that the best time to do this is when you’re getting your hair or make-up done. Just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the moment in the best of company.


Tip #6 – Talk to your Photographer

With every client, we walk them through what to expect on their wedding day. It all starts every client sharing their vision, and we assist with plan and putting a timeline together. Remember, your wedding photographer has been to countless weddings, and are there from the start to the end of the day, so they will be able to give some great advice, and help guide your day.